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The Most Beautiful Locations In Columbus Ohio For Your Engagement Photos

So you're finally engaged and looking for the perfect spot in Columbus for your engagements... First of all CONGRATS! This is such an exciting time and I'm happy to help you find the picture-perfect place. Planning your engagement session in Ohio should be not only easy but also fun and that's what I'm here for! I've been an Ohio wedding and engagement photographer for going on six years now so I've seen a few places (to say the least) in Columbus Ohio that are perfect for capturing all that love!

I bet you can guess my most asked question from couples starting to plan. "Where should we go?" The answer is there are SO many perfect options depending on what type of photos you're looking to take. Want some tall trees? Or do you prefer tall buildings? Here are a few of the hidden gems that I've found over the years just for you and all in one place on the internet. So use these places as a beautiful backdrop for you and your favorite person. Always remember to leave it how you found it and to have fun 🤎

If you would like to check out my first 2022 wedding (it's a good one) you can do it here!

And if you'd like to reach out about me take pictures of you and your favorite person you can do that here :)

Photographer: Rachael Michelle Photos

Hoover Dam Tall Pines | 7701 Sunbury Rd. Westerville Ohio

Genoa Park | 303 W. Broad St. Columbus Ohio

Deer Creek State Park | 20635 State Park Road 20 Mt. Sterling Ohio

Griggs Reservoir Park | 2933 Riverside Dr. Columbus Ohio

North Bank Park | 311 W. Long St. Columbus Ohio

Walnut Woods Big Pines Area | 6833 Richardson Rd. Groveport Ohio

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