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Elegant Downtown Dayton Ohio Wedding at The Steam Plant | Emily + Austin

When I tell you that I would recreate this wedding ten times over I'm not exaggerating. Every detail was so classic and timeless that I wasn't sure what year it was. Emily and Austin planned every detail down to the writing on the veil. Seeing it all come together in the end was absolutely beautiful. Not only the details but the LOCATION was so pristine and once again... classic. There was just no beating it. And nothing is better than when the wedding party is just as perfect as the wedding itself. This group kept the energy high and the party going!!! Which is what we LOVE the see over here. Because this wedding was so unique I'm going to drop some ideas + tips on how to recreate such a special day if you're loving the timeless feel of this wedding.

nue: The Steam Plant // Videographer: Noah Turner // DJ: Legacy Event Group // Florist: The Flower man // Dress: Twirl Boutique // MUA: Nicole Meyer // Hair: Victoria Dale

1. Details, Details, Details

Like I said when I think of this day I think DETAILS. The small things really add up to make such a memorable day. The best way to make something you're going to remember is to really make it yours. Get creative and think of something that would be special to you. A great example of this is the "Love you always" writing on the veil. Etsy is going to be your best friend during your time of planning. The writing paired with the beading alone got me pumped because I knew it was gonna be a special one after that. One detail that screams classy is the champagne glass tower, plus what a photo op?!

2. Colors!

If you want a timeless wedding, blacks, whites, and neutrals are a great go-to! They've been in since the beginning of time and I don't think they're ever going out. You just can't go wrong with white roses. Nothing screams more classic than white roses. Don't be afraid to add pops of colors in here and there either! Going timeless doesn't mean you have to go bland! This Dayton Ohio wedding had pops of blues in the details that were great for photos and meaningful to the ones getting married (which is what it's all about, right?!)


Possibly the most important thing to consider when looking to pull off that classy wedding is the venue! So much can change the feel of a wedding when it comes down to where exactly you're hosting. Having a classy wedding in a barn for example may give off a more farmhouse chic feel! So think about what you would really love the setting to feel like. The Steam Plant Dayton is a GREAT Ohio wedding venue if this is what you're going for. The floor-to-ceiling windows and the amazing brick walls make such a unique atmosphere for you and your guests. Also, who doesn't love a great downtown -running down the streets of the city-moment???? I know I do!

4. Don't forget to party :)

Remember how I said classy didn't have to feel bland? Well, it doesn't have to feel boring either! Get an amazing DJ that knows how to give people a good time! My best tip for throwing the best party ever is getting the guests some props. From experience, guests love anything that glows or blinks in the dark. Glow sticks, light-up wands, flashing glasses. Whatever you need to bring to get your guests pumped and ready to have a good time is a must-have for any wedding.

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