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You aren't boring and your wedding photos shouldn't be either

Wedding and engagement photography

Hey I'm Rachael but my friends call me Rach (and that means you get to call me Rach now too). I'm an Ohio-based wedding + engagement photographer. But let's not talk about me, let's talk about YOU. Everyone's got a unique love story and I want to know yours. I want to know about your first date. I want to know how you bring home ice cream for your special person just because you know it will make their day. I want to know about the inside jokes and the lazy days together. And then I want to capture those moments for you to remember forever. 


Anyone can point a camera and take a picture. That's not what I'm promising. I'm promising to see you and document it uniquely. Your photos should be of real moments and raw memories. I won't stage you in a prom pose and call it a day. You might dance around, laugh together, cry together, but most importantly love together; and these will be the memories you get to look back on through your photos. I want to help you remember these special days for the rest of your life. I want you to FEEL that moment when you look at that picture.

See more of my work here.

Raw - Organic - Genuine


Real - Candid -  Emotional 

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What's the process look like?


We'll start by chatting (maybe hopping on a phone call) and making sure we're a good match and that I can help make this your best day ever! You can ask absolutely anything here, I'm 100% transparent + your new bestie! 

Book + Sign

Let's make it official! Once you decide I'm the one for you, you'll get a proposal with a contract + invoice! Once those are completed the fun starts :)


Now to the fun stuff! 

We'll plan your engagement session (this is so fun) and I'll help you make a BOMB timeline for your wedding to make sure everything runs smoooth and you get to be worry free all dang wedding day

Wedding day goes by so fast but you've got something else to look forward to...


I'll make sure to get you sneak peeks 24-48 hours after your big day because I know you're freaking excited! The full wedding gallery will be delivered in 4-6 weeks to love forever and ever

Have the best day ever!

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